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sinite parvulos venire ad me ((a lj rp comunity of computer and console games))

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This is an RP of Game's characters.
Hope you enjoy! n_n

More information here:
. rules and application form
. 'bout the world where the rp takes place
. 'bout the school where all characters meet
. list of currently people who are roleplaying

If you are already a member and have any question, doubt or conplain, please click here.


~'bout the maintenence~
1. You have to have a livejournal account to your character only. If you have two characters, then you'll have to have two accounts. MSN can be shared though.
2. You have to have an MSN account to roleplay from there. No AIM, sorry 8D;;
3. You can have how many muses you want, but you'll have to keeop them making at least one post on his LJ and a log with him once a month, jut for us to know that you are active and playing.
4. You can and you may post logs on the community. Make them under LJ-cut and make a little summary before it. It can have sexual content, but please put a rating (up to NC-17) so the ones who doesn't want to read these stuff can choose not to.
5. Please don't post anything relevant to the rp on the com or we'll have to just delet it.
6. Everything posted on the community must be locked as FRIENDS ONLY. Although your character's journal doesn't have to be friends only.
7. English isn't our native language, so being like this, sorry for any mistakes. Also, because of that, we'll be cheking everybody's grammar and spelling, to make sure that we'll understand eachother without any problems. This means: write properly, please.

~'bout the character choosen~
1. Please, make it 'inside character'. Don't make your character a crazy hyper with good spirit if you are Sephirot.
2. Your character's CAN'T BE all powerfull. They are still only students who are learning their skills. They know they have powers and strenght, but they can't handle or use them whenever they want. You are learning on the school, you don't know how use your powers yet.
3. Your character can't be an evocation (like summons in Final Fantasy). Nor a ghost, spirit, non living person. Nor a machine or a big robot (you can /have/ a robot, but you can't /be/ one). We don't accept animals either, like Red13 from Final Fantasy. To make the rp more ooc, we only accept character's from RPG (like Magna Carta. War of Genesis, Final Fantasy, Theads of Fate), action (like Galerians) fight (like Darkstalkers, Street Fighters) and stategy (like Resident Evil). Games based on movies are not allowed, but character from movies based on a game (like Final Fantasy Advent Children, Mortal Kombat) are allowed.

~'bout the RP living~
1. You can do whtever you want, we love and support criativity. You can date, you can fight, you can adopt a child, you can make yaoi, yuri or hentai, anything, but you can't do 2 things: you can't die, and you can't blow up the world.
2. Still, if you do anything, face it seriously like in real life. You got beaten up in a fight? Good, you don't have to go to the enfermary if you got only scrathes, but if you broke your arm you /have/ to go. There is only one enfermary~hospital on the school (read about the school), so you'll be welcome there and we promisse they will take good care of you.
3. If you have to travel or be away for a long period, it's ok, but just let us know ok?^^

~'bout the appliation form~
1. Read ALL the world's story (click here), the school (click here) and rules before joining.
2. Fill up the application form and comment it on this post (here)
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